Integration Solutions Development

iFlex offers ESB design and implementation services.

ESB implementation aims to solve the following integration challenges:

  • Data integration
  • Applications/information systems integration
  • Business processes integration (including comprehensive business processes)
  • Development of composite applications based on portal solutions

Enterprise Service Bus design is based on the following technologies: service oriented architecture (SOA), event-driven architecture (EDA), open standards (data formats/protocols etc.), design pattern and the best design practices (EAI Patterns, SOA Patterns).

The core integration system component is the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). iFlex offers ESB implementation based on Oracle Service Bus and Apache ServiceMix.

During the ESB design phase, our priorities are master data management setup and integration of MDM system and ESB.

Technology Stack for ESB design

  • 1. Integration bus
    • a. Oracle Service Bus
    • b. Apache ServiceMix
  • 2. Integration frameworks
    • a. Apache Camel
    • b. Spring Integration
  • 3. Message brokers
    • a. ActiveMQ
    • b. RabbitMQ
  • 4. BPM systems
    • a. jBPM
    • b. Activity
  • 5. BRMS systems
    • a. Drools
    • b. RuleBook
  • 6. Databases
    • a. PostgreSQL
    • b. Oracle
  • 7. Object storages
    • a. MongoDB
    • b. Ceph
  • 8. Search frameworks
    • a. Elasticsearch
    • b. Apache Solr
  • 9. Monitoring systems
    • a. ELK

Reduced time to market is a today’s trend for enterprise services. To solve this issue iFflex designs and implements enterprise services based on microservices platform.

The Spring Cloud based microservices platform includes the following components:

  • API gateway
  • Service registry
  • Security service
  • Configuration service
  • Monitoring service
  • Event/message bus

Technology stack for microservices platform design: Netflix Zuul, Netflix Eureka/Ribbon, Spring Cloud Config Server, Netflix Hystrix/Turbine, Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL/Redis, Spring Boot Actuator, Prometeus/Grafana, ELK/Zipkin