Information Systems Engineering

To create a successful software development project, it’s very important to set the right objectives. On first stage, we create a technical design specification and a preliminary design of an information system. These documents aim to state scope and objectives of the new information system and specify the functional requirements. Usually, a technical design specification is a result of detailed system analysis. Our specialists collect technical requirements and create a technical design specification. Upon approval of the technical design specification by the customer we start developing the software.

  • ensure the required features of an information system and make it future proof;
  • design data objects of an information system
  • design programmes and user interface controls (screens and reports);
  • build software solutions with due regard for existing IT environment and technologies (network topologies, hardware configuration, architecture, parallel or distributed processing).

Information systems engineering implies preparation of a technical project. Our experts develop detailed system architecture models and its internal mechanisms, build systems’ backbone, identify its ideas, suitable technologies and base entities, create GUI prototypes and develop approaches to implement the required functions. On this stage, the object structure is created. The result of this stage is as a rule the preliminary design of the information system. iFlex specialists use design approaches based on Russian and international standards. These approaches help to:

Our team consists of professionals possessing experience in the leading software development companies and a high degree of knowledge needed to create complex information systems with sophisticated algorithms. Our specialists use modern approaches and architecture. We pay key attention to the quality of our information systems. It enables us to implement the information systems without additional expenditure for modifications. Our approach implies direct transition from design phase to coding phase. On the design phase, we use system approach and modular design aimed to reuse the created objects. All these factors decrease project costs. Optimal price quality ratio is without a doubt a great advantage for our customers.